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Jeff Dunkel Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnering

Mr. Dunkel joined Titan Spine in 2014 with 15 years in the healthcare industry. His background includes experience in the areas of software, OR, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics. Prior to joining Titan Spine, Mr. Dunkel led in the creation of a new strategic position which focused on the administration within Health Systems, ACOs, and Group Purchasing Organizations. He has been recognized for his knowledge on the economic impact of the Affordable Care Act on Hospitals and Health Systems, and he lectures for state and national organizations for that topic. Mr. Dunkel is currently responsible for strategy involving market access which incorporates policy, lobbying, training, product launch, contracting, negotiation, and management. He works closely in coordination with marketing, sales, and operations. Mr. Dunkel continues to be active with Health Care Policy, holding regular meetings with government agencies including FDA, CMS, NIH, and the White House. He also serves on the Executive Board of the FDA's MDEpiNet, which advises and drives Evidence Based Medicine. Mr. Dunkel is a graduate of Indiana University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree.
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Jeff Dunkel